The ClusterEffect cluster publisher publishes publishing writers and publishers to jointly use the sales and distribution capabilities through the Centraal Boekhuis and the associated platforms. For example, and ebook, the Apple iBookstore,, Bliyoo, Google Play, Kobo, Nook, Management Book, Amazon and Samsung. The Centraal Boekhuis supplies 2500 bookstores in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The connection costs at the Centraal Boekhuis are shared by the majority, which makes it easy for each affiliate connected to take advantage of the sales opportunities.

Affiliated publishers can also use CB's printing-on-demand service. Then books will only be printed if ordered and delivered within 48 hours. So no investment in an issue with the risk of unsold copies.

ClusterEffect can also be your partner for converting a book into eBook to a format that is accepted by all market participants. Go to far beyond our national borders through

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